Thursday, August 11, 2005

Articuno — IRC chatroom gone mad!

Ohay, so it's a cheap rip-off of the Iceberg announcement of the same name, but I might as well put this as a tribute to the fine folks at that site, to make everyone laugh.

Some say it's spam
Some say it has no place
But there's one area in that great void
Where it'll stare you in the face

Pounding on the keyboard
Mocking the PHP
That's the creed and the language
Verbal catastrophe

Oh, the IRC! Great IRC,
Where randomness doth thrive,
Where the Iceberg shows that excellence
Is not that hard to derive
Oh, Iceberg IRC!
Where Draelen's in love with a server,
Where the dissidence issues are suppressed,
And spammy freedom is always in fervour!


Mr_Salt said...


"Where Draelen's in love with a server".


Articuno said...

I enjoy getting good feedback about our site! Even if it's in poetic form. This is just so nice of you, to take the time to write about us! Oh and it's a great peice of writing at that!

Draelen said...

Well the poem is very good though I hopd my reservation about the obvious part, of cource, heh. Good work and good poem!