Tuesday, November 08, 2005


This is a rip-off of James' XVIII announcement, but it'll have to do with the magnitude of turning seventeen yesterday. As a seventeen-year-old, I now have access to R- and NC17-rated movies, can get my motor licence (if ever I start practising) and if I'm dismissed from my job as cashier I can apply for most other jobs on the island.

The day passed over outside my world rather quietly; only the Super Cheats populace, a Pokémon Community member, and a few friends at my school recognised the day. Even so, I did get some applause and miffins, but I couldn't eat the real cake owing to stuffing myself at work. But I was still itching to get back on the computer after unwrapping my new hard drive and camera, the latter of which will provide rudimentary pictures until my aunt gets the ones she took developed.

Problem is, though, at seventeen my gift choices are limited. I'm sure some of you remember asking for GI Joes, Transformers, and flamethrowers (if you're Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comics), but if you've stepped over into puberty you've realised that your choices, due to the fiscal reality of your family kicking in, have diminished greatly. Gone are the GI Joes and the Tonka trucks, and in come the hip clothes, the computer stuff, and some jewellery (or cosmetics in the case of girls). It's amazing how drastically your preferences change as you get older. Me, I'm just embracing the idea because it'll be financial hell on my family all the same, since I want fewer things yet the expenses stay level. Ohohohohoho!

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