Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Jeroen!

Okay, for one day I'm putting aside anything that aims to bash people — and instead giving a warm salute to the man I once hated but now look up to (and of course, so does Code Lyoko).

As many of you know, Jeroen te Strake, known on the forum as 'Joeno', is the top administrator of PKMN.NET and inherently a close comrade of James, although he lives in the Netherlands and to my knowledge hasn't been to the UK. He is the man behind the rules that govern the forums there (and some people have protested in the past — I was one of them) and is the creator of their offline Pokédex and was for some time working on a project called Pokégame, which was supposed to emulate many of the existing RPGs but for the time being is unfortunately defunct.

So, I'll close on the following note: Happy birthday Jeroen — or, as the writer of the article slipped in, gelukkige verjaardag!


16bit said...

Much lol at the Code Lyoko thing.
His obsession is directly scary. XD

XDTrainer said...

Yeah, although he has -20 karma o_O