Monday, February 20, 2006

Glaring evidence

After conducting a review with a person I will not name, I finally came across a welcome thread by a former PKMN.NET member, Lorna, who renamed herself Angel-FoX-crescent. The thread was titled to bash PKMN.NET — and from how Joe and other moderators responded, the title was effective to say the least. Imperial Dragon, the same mod we probed in the rant about mistreatment of new members, was kind enough even to give the following review, having been banned himself from PKMN.NET twice before I first joined:

Ah that dutch mod dude being Joeno? You shouldn't take him so personally, Angel-FoX-crescent because he's literally the most obnoxious person I've ever met, and he always treats people like crap, that's been his main ambition in life for the last several years.

And this comment isn't intended to glorify SPP, more so to insult PUK. Basically, in the war of life for the struggle of survival, PUK is the anally abused Magikarp, and SPP the uber Deoxys on crack. You figure out who emerges victorious.

Serebii concurred with him, at first sounding sympathetic with Lorna (as she will be called hereinafter) but then turning to brand James as 'going to be selling the Big Issue'.

Now it wouldn't be fair to say that they were the only ones to hold that idea. I joined in April (two months before the blog was started) out of anger towards Jeroen and looking to get their assistance in a revolution. Of course, the rule page of the time prohibited talk against other sites (I wonder if that rule is holding up well?), so I decided to just sift in. Of course, we now have Lorna looking to stir up dissent among the members in the SPP forums that already have: a) had unpleasant experiences with Jeroen (seeing as Imperial Dragon was knocked out twice with one clemency), b) picked up on the rivalry, and c) accepted the fact that the site that they're on is the most socially secure.

However, I lost my chance to give proposals when TPL collapsed, but by then I wasn't willing to start a revolution anymore. I intended to go back to PKMN.NET, wipe off my former self, and start anew. And I have, and now I've been able to see more distinctly the prejudice Joe harbours toward James. Pity Joe isn't funny in the same respect as Psythor. Now I'm here writing, trying to drive the nails into the coffin before Joe can sell the site. My goal by the time I was let back into PKMN.NET was to not bash Jeroen, but now bash Joe.

And for those of you reading and having come from, I think you should have a bit more respect for us. You bashed PPN for being lenient and us for being too strict. Perhaps it's you that has the guise of rules intended to drive off bad members, and it's also you who conducts uneasy business under that guise.


Unofficial Namerater said...

I certainly agree with you. If they don't like the rules then tough. They can leave. They don't need to whine about it and make a big fuss. Take my advice and grow up. They are wasting their breath on trying to change what cannot be changed.

RRA said...

Pfft. Both Joe and Jeroen Te Strake IMO sucks. This is not for Joe&Jeroen to feel biased, but to try and see what they've done wrong. Joeno's custom title: Forum King. Who does he think he is?!?!?! Probably this will start WWIII, I'd better stop here....

Unofficial Namerater said...

It may be true that Joeno’s custom title is “Forum King” but who are you to judge him by his custom title? The problem you have is that you think that Joeno is a nefarious person and you “try” to fix it by spamming up the forums. I don’t know who taught you how to “fix” things that way. All I know is that you approach it the wrong way. Something you and other people seem to be lacking is common sense. If you spam up the forums saying “Joeno and his rules sux come to” or “Joeno you suck and I hate your staff. You have too many rules.” It is more than likely that it’s going to be deleted. The staff doesn’t have time to go and read every post you make, especially when you’re insulting someone and spamming all around the forums. Your just going to get your post deleted, banned, and worse of all, you’re going to lose your dignity. If you don’t like the forums then leave or at least save your self the trouble and post it in a nice manner. Explain your problem and still follow the rules. If they don’t change anything then leave. Clearly, it’s not the site you like. Don’t go ruining it for others.