Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two new admins...at PUK?!

Nearly two years ago James officially stated that, in response to a response to Venusaur Tamer's sister saying 'make me an admin else I'll sue you!', there would be no further promotions to administrator rank. All the while, though, we had Rex (Terry is his real name, sshhh!) (also a moderator at the Sky Temple) asserting authority over PUK as far as the forums went; at that time he was still a global moderator. At that time Phil (Irrevilent) controlled the Miscellaneous boards, but in a few months he became a global moderator himself. And six months ago, they were both promoted to the title of 'staff member', or the equivalent of the Pokémon Community Assistant Admin.

Today, though, we see James has told a lie after all. Both are now 'senior staff members' — basically the equivalent of Staff Administrators on the Pokémon Community. Both now have the power to go ahead into the main site and wreak havoc with the main site (administrative positions mean FTP access) should they suddenly feel a tingle of resentment. Of course, they'd never have been given the position if Jeroen didn't trust them with it.

Now to count down until Lorelei joins them.

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Lucy said...

Wow it seems like everyone is getting promoted. I think if you know the job very well you should give it a shot. Plus you have to have time on your hands. I know I can't be a Mod of Admin. Because one...I don't know what I am doing in a forum. I probably won't know how to close a thread, lol. And also I am too nice. Everything will get out of hand. And two...I have no time. Those are my reasons. To be become a Mod or Admin you got to know the quadifations. Which you do and everyone else in PC. I think you and everyone is doing a great job. And I know those two will do the same. That is all I got to say.