Monday, October 30, 2006

Blazing comments

It's a disappointment to Blaze, evidently, that the Community failed to collapse after the hacking, but he had hopes for to surpass PC in some time due to either a lack of funding for the server or lack of general linterest. His aspirations have gone so far as to create a blog — one that now has the Community Staff kicking up a fuss.

Blaze's blog has contributions from many members of, including BGTFamily, who owns the back end site Total Pokémon. In his post 'Guest Blogger', he allows BGT to post what seems to be evidence of steadily overtaking the Pokémon Community and provides numbers courtesy of 'some fellow fans', while the numbers prove, on further examination, to be completely fabricated. BGT rates the Pokémon Community to have 3,344 members against Shinou's 2,060 at the time of writing, but a quick look at the PC boards will tell you that the number of registered users — not active users, since the article doesn't say that — is currently 20,839, the day after publication of the article.

Another piece of information contributed by kind Blaze is a review of Paul's PokéJungle project. Upon hearing that the domain is 'Spinarak', he jumps and yells that Spinarak is a trademark of Nintendo, which it is, and warns against removal of the domain. It may seem like a shrewd warning, but wasn't it Blaze himself who took the domain, another trademark of Nintendo? Any sane person will know that copyright laws don't extend to the use of these domain names for fan sites, which and the Spinarak domain are.

Then there's a quip below that article: 'While we were at this once amazing forum, we were in talks with Kwesi (the humble and quite rad owner of PC) to co-pay for a server for PC/ Approximently about Five Days after Kwesi paid for the Server in full, did we pull out of the agreement due to the arrogant PC Staff who did not like the idea of us having control . . . [and] decided that they rather pay for the Server, then have us have anything to do with it. Apparently they didn't keep their word, because about a few days ago PC once again has ads featured all over the forum.' They broke the word when the agreement was broken, so they had no choice. This post is effectively bull.

Most unfortunately, I'm not the first to report on the sleight of hand and otherwise plain and simple tosh that this blog offers. Remember FandomObserver? While he refuses to reveal his identity (and there have been calls for him to do so), he's become a good contemporary of mine. While he maintains the idea of just reviewing the fandom as a whole, he's gone in and criticised Blaze, something I should have done long ago, closing the first part of his latest review with a title, 'Misguided Webmaster With A Big Ego'. All I can say in addition to that specifically is that Joe's eating his heart out right now.

So what is Blaze? Does he have an ego? Yes. Does he remain true to his contemporaries, especially Erica, whom he said would be the only one out of PC's staff administrators to get any staff holding? No. Does BGT? No, he relied on ridiculously inaccurate statistics (Alexa, which is generated by users using the site's toolbar) after three months of quibbling with the rest of the PC staff.

It's a good thing Nicola's not including Total Pokémon in her collaborative 'Autumn Always'.


wakachamo said...

Irony, irony, yet even more irony. I laugh at times at Blaze's decisions.

Very well-written. I'll have to take some time to read his blog.

bgtfamily said...

I fabricated statistics. Heres your proof.

A lower number, equals a better rank. If something is fabricated its PC. Seeing as this will probably never be approved by you anyways.

Crystal Walrein said...

That means nothing. Those statistics are only given by people using the Alexa toolbar, NOT all users browsing the forums.

bgtfamily said...

If kwesi wants to pull awstats, I'd be glad to. Although, seriously, I don't care about stats. Just for the record though, I don't fabricate. If you heard something otherwise, it wasn't directly from my mouth. Actually, I never told anyone my traffic when I joined PC to tell you the truth.

bgtfamily said...

Btw, if you think I can hack, your sadly mistaken. I'm not a haxor, although I'd like to learn for ethical purposes.

Crystal Walrein said...

Did I ever say you definitely could hack? I dare you to come up with a passage in which I hinted at that.

Blaze said...

"It's a disappointment to Blaze, evidently, that the Community failed to collapse after the hacking"

That clearly was implying that I had a role in it.

Crystal Walrein said...

No, it does not. It implies that you were disappointed. Nothing more. I know the hacker was not you. Get over it.