Monday, December 18, 2006

Driving school: Part I

A pot binge downs the Ski Club. A girl's given birth and one junior is already pregnant to the rumour. That's in school, whilst I'm in the car. For the first time, I'm on the driver's side.

This isn't pushing them as a kid. This is driving school. Real pedals, real gas, nothing to stop you except counters from your instructor. Today was day one, starting at 6pm outside the house. The objective would be to drop off a kid in Galloway and then tour Port Republic.

  • I need to make sure the lever is in the right position before I push the gas.
  • Due to nerves, my arms are always locking. When I turn, I find it hard to execute a decent one due to these arms. I guess I'll get over that.
  • I need to look on my right. I have a map at home that requires you to drive on the left, so that's somehow influenced my thinking for the past few years.

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