Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another one on the end of the year

For a long period of time I had kept people waiting on the PokéLab for the person that I would officially appoint to my position upon resignation. Through having to find a computer that doesn't keep me from writing this down, I've had plenty of time to come up with an answer. Yesterday I expected to hear an answer from my friend about the applicant I had chosen to supersede me, but in spite of Articuno assuring me that I would receive an answer from him, I never got a notice. Now I can be grateful that I had put Typhlode in the position in advance, although the reason why I had gone on the hunt was because I thought, amidst his abuse of smilies, he would be incompetent.

Even though I failed on the quest, I'm not going to let this be recognised so. Firstly, many of the people I had in consideration had almost no clue of how things worked in the PokéLab; consequently, they would need to consult me when handling situations in the PokéLab, and as long as I still had a say, albeit through another person, the PKMN.NET administration was not going to reconsider our positions (and even if they did have enough knowledge to waive my advice, the fact that he was part of the staff would still be cause for them to refuse to negotiate with him or her). When I announce my resignation tomorrow, I'm going to put this in mind not just to remind everyone for the last and zillionth time of our stance on PKMN.NET but also to embarass Typhlode in front of everyone else in his guild.

Aside from the PokéLab, I can see that Rich has been making some progress on the forums, what with fixing our profiles. Now all he has to do is create something like the Gaming Update Hall of Fame and that'll just about settle my demands for the second quarter. The forums are nearing their first birthday, too, so I want every bit of the beta that it started out as to be quashed completely, no matter how revolutionary it was, and many of the other members on the forums (especially the mods and some people that we've had the cojones to ban) seem to be following my lead. Then again, I've been on BB-optimised forums long before the Super Cheats Forums materialised, so it's only natural to find them at fault.

The Crow's Nest also has a few problems. Ever since the migration, we haven't had much success in regaining our old clientele, although there's been some posthumous registration on our deprecated Proboards version (but Lottie should have deleted it over a month ago, and the new server update probably will complicate things for her once it comes back to mind; SC members had to drive it into the ground to make Rich remove Spam Fest). But I can tell you that the inquiry that occurred after the migration was rather funny, with Fire God insinuating that some of us had not taken precautions to safeguard ourselves and try to narrow down who the hacker was. We're now very aware of who the hacker is, as Greatglitch was put out of order a week later and clues were left afterward — the hacker is Settra, a person that once was on Dark ShadowPsyche's administrative staff but turned evil once he tired of cleaning up the prevalent spam on his forums and was told frankly that Shadow Spam Fest, a carryover from Spam Fest on Super Cheats, was not going to be controlled to some extent. I hate spam, too, but he took it too far.

Following a conversation with PKMN.NET, as I learned in a transcript sent to me by Actionshark, my rules for Greatglitch and my affiliation programme were decommissioned as a penalty for using the PKMN.NET rules as a basis (and the staff alleged that such usage was an infringement of copyright). I don't see any more interest in running that programme anyway, as I predicted that it would only lead to social problems. And with an affiliation mania resulting, I may have been right.

On a lighter note, Pokémon Master Eddie seems to have recovered from his accident, since the Crystal Club Agency seems to be up and running again.

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