Tuesday, June 14, 2005

End of the school year....

After a strenuous amount of study that has demanded the majority of my time and defracted a lot of attention from my real friends in the world, my year in Atlantic County Vocational Technical School has ended. (Thank the Lord; I've had enough of being harassed by those people who don't appreciate what I do to earn myself a living over the Internet.) The past year, in spite of the gradual increase in workload, was a lot better than my freshman year in the scope that I was finally rid of this anti-Pokémon business in the school, yet there remained a great deal of things to do in time already consumed by finding work and studying for A+ certification (and the gits at the Academy never granted anyone in my class the real examination, although our instructor had promised it at the end of the year; but given my stress I would have failed it anyway).

The general review of the year: bimestral year as usual, juggling rising intensity of dissidence at PKMN.NET, a seduction attempt on last year's cruise, and having my load at Super Cheats increase due to the inauguration of the forums. The PokéLab being formed, getting pushed into it, my name being mud with the PKMN.NET administration, and lots of bloodshed to follow. A new job at the local supermarket to round it all out.

At least it's safe in my mind to start putting everything in review here, so that I don't have to go around on ten or twenty different forums in which I'm this revered-and-hated aristrocrat and type up different tales to explain away events. I hope that the stories I tell in the posts to follow in my blog will serve a lot in the future to aid against allegations such as those that have passed.

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