Thursday, June 16, 2005


To close out the day I'm going to have to mention a relatively small feud between the members of the Super Smash Brothers Melee forum and the forum mod, Cez. For nearly a week now people have been directly challenging him, alleging that he closed several topics that didn't infringe any of the general rules, and he seems to have retaliated with his own attacks.

I haven't had much time to review the situation, but it seems like neither party has the better claim. These plaintiffs are mostly newbies attacking mods for throwing the rules in their faces a few days in. As for Cez, not only does his attitude signify that he isn't taking appropriate action, but everyone on the moderating team has had some history with dissidents (fortunately for me, I don't have that big a share, Jeroen notwithstanding), so I don't see where he gets off doing what he's doing to keep the situation under control.

Personally, I love Cez as a moderator, but he seems to pride himself a lot over his position, and I can see how that angered several of the people on the forum. In the case of the two forums that Rich thought should not have been closed (one of them was his own), the one 'To the Gfaq'ers...' was a prime example of Cez gloating (reminds you of something, no?) but nevertheless was rife with accusations as to who had pasted and submitted copyrighted material and essentially should have been closed, but the other, which is Rich's flaw of preserving the issue, didn't deviate enough from the topic to be closed on an admin's face.

With such inflated pride also indeed comes sensitivity, as Rich did note in one of the many liberal topics in that forum, which showed that he wasn't naïve (although he's had a history of it before). My answer to Rebel581:
  • Cez was appointed to moderator of that forum when Rich rose his first help-wanted sign from 17 to 20 March 2005 and he, along with Nintendo_dude and another person (who both have become so obscure on that forum that they were both deprecated as moderators when it was a real issue). He was later appointed to the position on the Fan Fiction and Role Play board, where he's famous for his wisecracks (and none of my lectures got very good reviews from him).
  • Super Cheats isn't a site for people who believe in such froth, although a lot of members throw us questions that make us look like we're a secure haven for them, but that's only natural for a site of the genre.
And even though it's past been made clear that 'glitch characters' do not exist, the question is still raised. Hell, it'll probably go down with the moon in Ruby and Sapphire as one of the biggest Nintendo hoaxes that ever brooded on the Internet.


KEV said...

Hello Crystal Walrein.... I am posting on your blog.... See you at The Poke Lab

Anonymous said...

lol @ calling the gfaqers n00bs. Cez, among other things, claimed someone else's work for his own and lead a psuedo-cult of gamers that, in there naivity, believed that cez was among the best "ssbm" players in the world. Amusingly enough, he ignored Azen(a player who has proven himself through tournies)'s request for a money match. It should be noted that several of the gfaqers went on to be moderators, many as mods in the ssbm forum. The "glitch characters" incident is nowhere near a massive hoax, as anyone old enough to legaly go on supercheats would have been able to realize that it was one of the silliest fakes story ever.