Sunday, October 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Rich!

Thirty-one years ago, the person that would form Video Gamer Network out of the dust of the Internet was born in the UK. (Don't ask me exactly where.) Yes, it's time we made a salute to Richard Gardner, founder of Web Media Network, the Team SuperCheats we love, and the Webby that Gaming Update (ahem) loves!

Thousands of web pages
Based on PHP
Encompasing through the electric ages
And making cheating reality

There are ten or so sites in the pack
(Don't ask the exact count)
With tips and talk the viewer can rack
With a score of high amount

Video Gamer Network!
The one network that does
What is to be, what right now is
And of course forever was
And with our ode to this great group
We can stand together and say
Without the constant vocal loop,
Rich, happy birthday!

1 comment:

Koolkid24 said...

Wow I know alot about him now and I am from supercheats also and Happy brithday rich.

Mod at supercheats