Friday, October 28, 2005

Well, I guess I'm officially back....

Following the forgiveness meeting, I have decided that (since the server has moved and their URL has officially changed to '' as their name suggests, and there have been curious changes of the letter é to é) I will offically return to PKMN.NET tonight. This will mark the seventh month of my abscence from the forum.

The thing that I had about PKMN.NET was that it was the first forum that I ever joined, the place where I was able to build myself up from a forum noob into the same person as a mod on Super Cheats. Given the laxity of, where I fled in the wake of the expulsion, I began to miss it. As a moderator on Super Cheats, I was faced with issues similar to those that PKMN.NET was faced with sporadically, but this time I was dealing with harsh issues at least once a week on average. My experience as a moderator, and the ability to gradually sympathise with Jeroen, James, and Mike, helped me re-evaluate my stance with the PokéLab, for which I worked since early March, leading to the expulsion. When the PokéLab finally collapsed due to Epyon's retirement from the programme and TUH's arguments as well as Red Sox Fan's on-off affair, I was left without any support, and I was ready to turn my back on the programme for good once it hit me that the site had been built on spite and hatred, which had deluded me for seven months.

Because of this, the Deoxys Project affiliation and directory programme, as well as forum assistance, has been suspended indefinitely.

You'll find me on PKMN.NET as Swinub unless I change my name due to popular demand or am rejected still.

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