Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pokémon Community gone?

Update: It's not closed. Kwesi moved the board, but records after 4 September have been wiped clean. I will reveal the URL when it comes time.

Original announcement: Nearly a week has passed since the Pokémon Community has been out of order. Many thought it another denial-of-service attack, but what with Kwesi not speaking and Steve telling no-one but Matt where he's been over the past months and why the Community hasn't been brought up to order, it's now best to guess that, amid the rumours of a relaunch and Total Pokémon leaving the fold, the Community may have met its end. For the second time.

In a conversation I had with an insider, I was told that Jake had tried to have BGTFamily, an administrator inaugurated in June, demoted. Blaze, a co-owner of Total Pokémon, had had that end of the stick when the forum for Total Pokémon had been established on PC, with the excuse being that his representation didn't warrant the right to have full moderation rights to those boards or the right to be in the staff dominion. Blaze was reinstated shortly afterward. As a result, when it became the accepted rumour that PC wasn't returning at all, Blaze and the folks at Total Pokémon started their own forum, According to this insider, none of the petty administrators with the exception of Erica was invited to maintain their rank at this new board due to Jake's alleged belligerence, and forums were going to be switched around and original mods furloughed.

The board, the insider says, should be open sometime next week or so.

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Lucy said...

Yeah, since September 4th...I been trying and trying to get back to PC. But then...all of the sudden it was totally gone! It was saying, "Not Found" and I got alarmed. I was thinking oh my...I hope everyone will get everything back. But that didn't stop me, I kept on trying. And I been hearing that everyone is trying to move it to a different server...and that hit me. I was oh okay...that makes sense.

Now...PC is back! Yes! Thank you! You guys never gave up. Well it is semi-running, but is better than nothing. And soon it will run full time again. ^^