Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SPP overcome at last (?)

Well, from the events of recent days, it seems so.

When I returned from Maryland, not only did I hear that Steve Irwin had gone, but now something else was beginning to go. If you type in the URL 'www.serebii.net' into your browser, you'll no longer come to the splash page that leads you to Serebii.net — in fact, even typing it with any attached file path will lead you to a YouTube recording of Rocky Horror's 'Sweet Transvestite'. This morning it seemed as if Joe had wrestled the domain back, but tonight, at least for me, it had gone back to the recording. As of now, and I hate to do this, the URL that'll get you back to the site is just an IP address: (Maybe you can edit your hosts file and ensure that the domain goes to that IP.)

And that's not all. Yesterday it was reported that a hacker was loose on the board and had managed to ban every staff member aside from Joe. In the picture at right (contributed to Wikipedia by Hakerius) you will also see that the hacker, if it's not a joke, changed the vBulletin template so that the columns were in reverse order. He also cleaned out the Announcements board and soft-deleted topics in another board (so that the mods could restore them).

Now, it's easy to say that the site will bounce back. After all, a few months ago it recovered from a server debilitation. But with the increasing hatred of SPP for its attitude toward other forums — especially PKMN.NET — will getting out of a rut like this for even a short time be sufficient? It could very well be a case of resentment by outsiders for failing to keep up a reputation and, at this rate, security.


ShadowGX said...

An' I thought SC was bad. O.o That place has more drama than a soap opera. xD


Lucy said...

Yeah, I was there. I was like what the...all the pages were to the right and when I type it was to the right. It was messed up! This was done by a hacker. Well it was back to normal...but that isn't the most of it.

Stuff is still going on, and I am glad PC is back...I want to take a break from that place. I am so tired of people arguing about the new Diamond and Pearl series. And the new voices. Make it stop. x.x