Wednesday, December 07, 2005

TPL investigations begin

Tyranizard, a former moderator at the PokéLab, claims to have received this from ousted administrator Drike:

"How did I do it? It's not hard really. I found out that in PKMN.NET it was not hard to lie. They would believe anything and I mean anything. I could tell them that RSF was my brother and if he agreed they would believe us. In that time they couldn't check IPs, so there was no way in the world that they knew it was me. Then you know what happened, the attacks, spam. I wanted to somehow gain some credit and respect. I kept thinking and finally came up with an answer. I could defeat myself. It would be prefect andwith two accounts, PKMN.NET would never get suspicious and check IPs. They both had different names. I double-posted a lot. If you were to go back to the old Firestorm topic you would see that everytime I would defeat myself. Nobody but me would win. No matter what anybody else did, I won. Then I stopped. I don't know why. I don't recall why I did. Then when TUH created TPL and moved there, I didn't want to go. Of course, I knew the URL but I didn't want to go. Then later on as members of the Mightyena Club moved, I got wanted to know what happened in the forums of TPL. I went there, I thought I was going to be able to gain a mod postion or maybe admin, since I did help them in the past. Ofcourse they didn't. I waited for the prefect chance tostrike and to get in the ranks. I stopped the attacks and didn't do anything. I felt bored so I made an account and used it claiming that it was my brother, that we shared the same computers. Then later on I wanted to get up in the ranks I could wait anymore. I became Mightyena Trainer one more time. PF was stupid enough to even think that I was going to make peace. I was outraged at his stupidity. I striked and lashed at TPL. When they claimed that the IPs matched, I blamed it on my brother. It worked and I laughed at their stupidity so hard that when I was Mightyena Trainer I was claimed to attack Firestorm. They begged me to not attack, they it was bounded to fall. I did attack, it later turned out that I was keeping up the topic by posting and encouraging members of the club to post and protect their club. Then acow camed and I was happy. I tried to help as much as possible in order toget ranked up. I did help. I did get ranked. There wasno attacks at the time. Then once I had rank I wanted to make sure that TPL suffered. More attacks came. You already know that. I’m just giving you the behind the scenes details. It started to get harder and harder. It was their turf now. PF mentioned that. Then I build a site and here was that whole nuts about PF trying makes peace and people trying to ‘look’ like they saw my point of view. It wasn’t hard to know they were lying. They are stupid, like I mentioned. First, Del he tried to be my friend and he knew how to make viruses. Then he stupidity posted that he was going to take over my trust, dumbass. Then, it was PF, a little pregnant dog trying to make peace. I could have deleted him but I wanted to play with him. One, he couldn’t closea deal even if I agreed to his terms. Two, he didn’t know I was playing with him. Then I pretended that it was okay. We were friends. I helped and him alittle. He wanted me to help him get IPs address. But did I nope. I could have done so but I didn’t. I also foundout how easy it was to become the name rater. Which I did. Then I stopped being active, because the stupid not a very nice persons where too stupid. I needed a break from their stupidity and smartass comments. I was worried when CW came from PKMN.NET. I didn’t trust him and then I thought that he was smart enough to figure out it was me, but did he nope. I was worried. I knew he was smart and a few clues might sent him off. When I cameback the settra attacks. I didn’t do anything. It was not me, but few people thought they could link me. I was puzzled. I kept asking about how he approached his problem, hoe he worked, and what he did. I asked actionshark. He gave me information, wrong information. He claimed that his account was hacked. That settra hacked admin cps and nuts like that. I was worried though, because I [expletive] up trying to be settra. People were desperate for an answer. I couldn’t pull it off. I kept wondering where I wentwrong. IPs, but they didn’t trust me. Then everything fell and I wanted an answer when they [expletive] with me.I got pissed off, I [expletive] with them not the other way around. I demanded for an answer but I knew actionshark was settra. My proof….how he acted like me. He did everything similar in one way or another."

Anyways, as I was saying…I kept thinking about AS and settra. The attacks were very similar. I didn’t care about TPL anymore. I became a battle for my own survival. People kept thinking that I was settra because I only pretended to be him. Well, some people did. I became furious when I found out that AS and PF were trying to gain my trust. I found that information when I sent him a message on AOL instant messager. I wasn’t active in TPL anymore. I felt that they had suffered way too much. (Yes, I do have a heart). I also knew that TPL was falling. I decided to go against my better judgment and make an account on PKMN.NET. I had no trouble getting pass their IP ban. I actually became a translator for them and translated news contents. It was an okay job, but I ended up quitting. My computer had a Trojan Virus and I had told AS that I had a job and I had a virus. When I told him about the virus he told me that he loved playing with Trojans viruses. That it was fun. He started saying some quotes, or sayings I used in the past. In the beginning he said one but I forgot it. Itold him that I didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t believe me. I was telling the truth. I had no idea, then he says something else. He said “Okay, Iposted now you can check the IPs.” That was exactly what I had said when I pretended to be settra. Thistime I lied…I started to change the subject and told him I couldn’t log in to my account in TPL. I thoughtI was banned, but it was just the virus. He told me ifI wanted his password, that he wasn’t active anymore.I told him that it was ok, that I didn’t want it. He was baiting me. Then somehow he began talking about PF telling him to gain my trust. I tried to be cool and ask questions. I wanted to get information out of him. Then I lost my temper. I told him off, then he told me. “You care too much about internet.” Then he blocked me or left. In a few days, I wanted him to log back in. I made an another AOL account and waited but it looked like if he left for good. I wanted answers so I tried logging back into TPL. I demanded answers.I never got all of the answers I really wanted. They never told me the real truth. I needed your help so you did help me. You gave me some information but not all. You told me how they moved settra’s topic. But that was all. I needed more. When I told TUH that settra hacked TPL, he told me I was wrong. All of the things AS told me was fake. He played with me just like I played with TPL, Mightyena Pack, and Firestorm Club. But why did he lie?? That was what I needed to know. AS never logged in, never posted on the topic and told the truth or even defended himself. PF threaten to cut his ties, I didn’t care anymore. Itold him to cut them. Why? Because I wanted to make TPL fall and him cutting his ties would help, a lot. Then TPL fell, thanks to me and a few problems the admins couldn’t deal with."

Tyranizard says that he will reply and ask why Drike would bring down TPL. The information herein may finally explain the process in which the Pokémon Laboratory finally fell, taking me with it, and it may explain away all the disarray and chaos that took place there.


Anonymous said...

I'm posting anonymously because I do not want to reveal myself to any of you TPL people. Crystal Walrein, the hacker wasn't any of your former members, they had nothing to do with it, that long quote there in your blog was not even a build up to the real fall of TPL. The one who hacked and took TPL down was me... along with two others. Why did we do it? We wanted to rid the internet of the bad ways of TPL. They were a disgrace to Pokémon sites all over the world.
This was also an act of revenge, not to you CW, but to someone else on TPL who has caused enough trouble with Pokémon sites now.
We were the heroes, we took down the most vicious Pokémon site around, but we remain hidden forever. No one knows about us, no one will ever know about us. This is all you will have and nothing more.
This isn't settra, or anyone else you would imagine to be the culprits. This is someone that a lot of you from TPL will know. Do not be angry, instead, use your time to do things for good and not for bad. It's time to put the past behind us with this final note from me.

Anonymous said...

Mmm...well, if you must know you weren't the only one. There was more, Settra and me. The problem is that they know and found out who I am. I don't know much about Settra, he is very hard to track, I have been giving only a little bit of information. There may have been more than just Settra, me, and you three. You and me are similar...I think. But we don't "work" the same way, you know. If what you say is right, then you don't leave clues for people to try and guess who you are. I did leave some, not a lot. They may have been found or not. This is very weird indeed, because you could be telling us the truth, or you could be trying to throw off the people who are looking for you. I am not looking for you, I have some little information who is. The thing I'm not understanding is why did you have three people help you. Couldn't you done i yourself?? Anyways, I don't think we have talked before. But oh well. Now we meet. What are your "fake" names?? Most of us have to call you something. My "name" is Strider.

TyphlosionX said...

Even though the case is closed and attacks have stopped on [i]some[/i] of the sites you've been. Drike has attack another site. He has currently been banned and he may be gone for good. He did damage which I have never seen before. He deleted all the topics hacked into the Mod forum(where all the mods talk) deleted those topics. Then he went and started suspending accounts of the most active members and mods. He also managed to suspend some of the admin's accounts. The only thing he didn't do was delete the head admin's account.
You may not know me, but CW does. I'm not sure if you remember me but I was a member of TPL. I wasn't very active, so when I went to the site I was shocked! So far all I know is that Drike has hacked the sites so far,
He is planning to strike more sites. How do i know that because he is resigster on the following sites, or have left a clue.
If you want to stop Drike from attacking other or more sites please go here
There is many people there already and we talk about how to stop people like Drike attacking and steps to defend your site. I don't know why that bastard is doing stuff like that but I'll need help. I need people that know how Drike works and how to prevent other people from being attacked. Thanks. The site is
Oh and no I am not that guy from People seem to confuse me with him.