Sunday, December 18, 2005

We found out whodunit!

As abruptly as they began, I am happy to say that the investigations as to the demise of TPL are officially closed. Today Articuno contacted me on the Sky Temple chatroom (the domain has been changed to ''; this change has been made to the Deoxys Project and this blog) and, after some hesitation, confessed on Lugia's behalf as well as her own that she indeed was the person that had intruded on The Pokémon Laboratory.

Is this negative?
....Does this have to do with PKMN.NET?!
You're my friend..
You're my very good friend
Aside from Lugia, true....
I can't lie to you anymore, I can't keep this from you.
The reason I didn't tell you this was because of what happened afterwards..
But yes.. it was me and Lugia..
I'm sorry, if I had known it had upset you this much..
I wouldn't have done it, I just thought you were finished with TPL
And as for the porn, it wasn't us
Well, I know about the porn and that you couldn't have done that....
I kept it from you because I thought you'd think the porn was all of us
This wasn't aimed at you
I didnt even know you were still into TPL
And I was finished with TPL at first, but then I had to come back to test SMF out and because PF was begging me....
Look if I hurt you.. I'm just so sorry
You're forgiven.
We did this to get back at TUH and to avenge PUK
Oh thankyou
Then a while ago..
I asked you what you'd do if you caught them
You said kill them and dig up dirt
Just that Mike, James, and Jeroen will have to know about this. You won't be banned, I'll make sure of it, but I believe they should know about this.
I was going to tell you but you had come to me saying 'Arti something terrible has happened'
Yes, do tell them.
Okay, I'll tell Mike when I next see thim.
Are you ok though? DID I hurt you at all?
No, no....
Ok, I panicked when you came to me, you sounded so upset
You actually did me a good shock by it, yet you did me a great favour.
A favour eh? What favour?
Welcome to the Deoxys Project admin rank!
For rlieving me of pressure from TPL, and facilitating my return to PKMN.NET.
Ehehh.. eh.. admin rank?
You've gotten control of the Deoxys Project.
I.. I have?
Yes, you're an administrator there.
* Articuno sheds a tear
I just don't know what to say
Except, you won't regret this
I'm going to do everything I can for you
I didn't know you had that much power.
i know you're a legendary bird, but being able to hack?!
Hardly anyone I know is capable of it!
Ok, I don't hack sites normally! It's not something I can just 'do'. But TPL had a few security holes, google had exploits. That is all
Lets please put this behind us
TPL is the past now
Lets work on the future of the Deoxys Project
Good. This'll be published.
Walrein, you and me will make a good team I think
And Lugia too?

Because of this act, I am proud to announce her promotion on the Deoxys Project to the position of administrator. I hope that the terminus of this investigation will finally lay this matter to rest after a year of hatred and distrust.

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