Sunday, December 25, 2005

Two new super mods

Darkboarder_77 and Koolkid have received a present that I don't have the power to wrap — hell, even Santa Claus couldn't wrap it. The two, amid some praise and some protest, have finally been put on the super moderator rank!

It's no surprise to me, though: The former has been of the material, but whether he would actually get the spot was rather faint. He was smart, he was an aspiring leader, he stayed out of teams, and he certainly can use that to his advantage. Koolkid, though, I can't say much about him, seeing as I never really associated with him.

Super mods were inaugurated, as you read before, in late June in response to the chaos in the staff room and the difficulty in assigning moderators. So three were set up: Nintendo_Dude, Aeshma, and me. There currently exists a rumour that two of us will be sent to another rank, and there has been talk of this well before, but whether it will happen rests in Rich's hands and I personally believe that it won't become effective for a long time. But now we have two more that will hopefully alleviate some of the burden on the current super moderators.

Hey, at least we're on par with PKMN.NET,, and the Pokémon Community now!

Owing to infringement of moderation regulations, Shiny Zapdos and others have submitted a protest to reverse the promotion of Darkboarder_77. At last report Rich has denied this protest and has promoted Spideraman99 and Ilovemissyelliott to the positions as well. At this time Dennis is commencing some sort of recommendation system.

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