Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ugh, looks like I've been unheard.

At school, all of the information-technology students were called out of class to appear individually with the principal and a policeman about the sites they created as part of a final examination. It turned out that many of the sites created by the students were constructed in a manner à la MySpace. The hosting site was created with money from the school itself, and the last thing that the instructor, and the administration for that manner, wanted was a resource for paedophiles that had given up the game on MySpace to look for easier prey. (On a lighter note, the officer that sat with me when I was interrogated was reported to be impressed with the mock transport site I did.)

This is sickening to me. Even though MySpace access was restricted, it didn't stop the students from putting information on their projects. It's one thing when, according to the Dateline interview I linked to when I discussed pairings, people say they feel safe and secure on MySpace, but another thing is using a project to be posted on a school website to give the information that would be given on a MySpace page but with less of the security promised by MySpace (which is still rather bare), making a de facto completed bingo. At least our old instructor didn't have us put our pages on a server when she required us to create a page based on ourselves and job opportunities for web designers that didn't get proper instruction under her regime.

On a lighter note, I figured out how to handle the influx of radio jockeys asking for you to participate in a monetary giveaway. When the people at a Top 40 radio station called up to ask for the youth group leader to recite a phrase in order to win $1,000 — 'I listen to [radio station frequency and call letters], now give me my money!' — the leader barked at the phone: 'I listen to [rival radio station], now get lost!'

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