Tuesday, May 23, 2006

'Treehouse Saga' reprisal

LOL! Gawd you are sooooo dumb. Now that I'm a mod, it seems like my rants get closer together. Anyway, as I was looking through the Kissshipping thread for SPAM, this person's sig jumped out at me. I clicked, and well, there ya go. Wow, how much more of a n00b can you get? There's warning for reasons - so that little kids won't have to see it if they choose not to. I don't know how much more clear I could have been. I announced that there would be sex and crap throughout the fic. Get it through your [expletive] head!!! And Serebii isn't doing a "bad job" at all! He's letting the authors have their freedoms and the readers should have enough of a brain cell to know what NC17 means. I can't believe people these days. Stop being stupid and deal with it, or you can just go kill yourself. If this is the sort of things you're saying about TS's "February" I wonder what you did about "April"? :P
Seems as if the author of this Freewebs blog was a little angry about the comments I made on the Serebii.net fic 'Treehouse Saga'. The entry suggests that the author was Encyclopika, the author of the actual fic, and that she had recently become a moderator at Serebii.net. Below the post were several other comments about her fic, including one that included a member that rated it badly for the content and another that praised it for its realism. This was the obvious mark of someone who had gotten drunk on the laxity there.

How she managed to get to the review was through the sig I had attached to my profile on Serebii.net, which I hadn't bothered to update ever since I shrank away from there to do work on Super Cheats and the Pokémon Community. At first I thought it was moot, seeing as no-one with the power to ban me came across the sig, but with this coming up I think I need to keep that link up there to see how other people react to it.

And as for 'April', that was when the two (Drew and May) had the actual sex. Shortly afterward, Drew is dead in the hospital of hypothermia.


Mike said...


"Stop being stupid and deal with it, or you can just go kill yourself"

She issues death threats and throws a paddy just because someone has a different point of view to her. I almost feel sorry for her.

Anthony Jake La said...

Idiocy on the internet. What can be done about it? ~_~