Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One new super mod, two new admins

It seems events now are requiring me to write more than I really need now. I approached Rich this morning about hyperlinks (some members had managed it) and it evolved into the discussion of the letter I had written earlier concerning departure. Once I had made it clear that the letter was a product of anger (as I had infuriated a PC moderator about leukoemia earlier), it became a question of whether I wanted the admin position. I expected it to be a work in progress — but I saw this morning that he was able to flip the switch on Nintendo_dude and me. He also promoted Annefranman52 to super mod.

So once more, the place is in a dither. Well, not this early in the morning, but come the afternoon it will become a hotbed for discussion, as the other three staff bumps have been. Now I just have to wait for the letters to flow in about my position, people asking me how to do certain tasks on certain games....It's going to be a tough job, but I'm ready after more than two years on the site.

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