Saturday, April 01, 2006

Very funny

1 April. The day on which people were insulted for not changing to the Gregorian calendar back in the old days. Now that it's turned into timed fiascos over the past years, some Pokémon sites have decided to capitalise on the ability of members to get scared.

At 10.30pm, when I signed onto the Pokémon Community, I noticed that the lights had gone out. Every CSS colour, save for mod and admin labels, text fields, and dropdown menus, had been set to #000000. Only icons could be seen, which helped me navigate to the scene of the crime — word had broken out that PPN was brokering a merger with, and a spammer named Todokiri had apparently opened the Mod Lunge to the public (although we could not reply) and was busy tantalising everyone on the Questions and Feedback board.

As soon as we had resigned ourselves to typing in bright text, the lights went on. The theme was changed to the PokéLink Blue Variant, but the header had been scratched out to say 'Todokiri's Community'. At that point the chaos was reaching its peak, and minutes later the moderator Lily was expelled. A minute later Kylie-chan was also expelled, followed by Saniigo. At that point the hacker calmed down, and the chaos came to a standstill even as Other Chat, Questions and Feedback, and the Daily ChitChat flickered in and out of view. When the smoke cleared the following morning, the Rules page was gone (it was restored today) and everyone was mad. And when PPNSteve came out and locked one of the threads that was in hysterics, it exacerbated everything. I was right in believing that Steve had opened the Mod Lounge to Todokiri and toyed with him whilst keeping in Invisible mode on another computer so that he could toy with the forum settings. The moral of the story: Steve was a git, and I won't be surprised if Kylie and the others have lost faith in him for this stunt.

On a lighter note, PKMN.NET is currently at work on their forums, filtering 'Pokémon' to be 'Digimon' and working with other words as well. (One member, who is Iza on the Sky Temple, was even led to believe that a hacker was loose and so deleted her account.) It's also rumoured that they've got something else on the site going on, and only I, apart from the administrators, know what it is. What it is, I shall tell once it's exposed by the admins themselves.


Firefly said...

LOL! I couldn't get over all the filters. I had to make sure my posts weren't changed to something else. Fun is something you can always find on PUK. XD

Anonymous said...

Erm, you realized that was a joke, right?

Crystal Walrein said...

Hey, I acknowledged that, you know. I actually tried to assert Kylie and Lily that it was a joke, after all.

Drew said...

XD wow.... and I missed it. I didn't check the PokeCommunity until a few hours later...I had no idea that it had even happened... ^^; XD

Feraligatr master (FM) said...

I feel like an idiot missing the pokecommunity thing *cries*
anyway i managed to be involved in Puks.