Friday, April 21, 2006


On a walk to the observatory at the northern end of town, I scrambled upstairs to practice for a dissolution of a pact between two friends of mine, but as soon as I came up the flight of stairs I quickly noticed that there were black marks on the floor. I at first dismissed them as dry rot, but when I bent down closer I saw that it was fresh felt-tip ink. The entire schematic turned out to be a memorial to 'Toni Nikki Yoder', supposedly a friend of mine that had been murder.* Scrawled around the box within which her name was written were a verse from some song (evidently a rap) as well as a banzai cry: 'Senseless murder is wrong! 14 years old and gone!'

Combined with the news that one of my classmates had to leave school for excuse of maternity, this made for a nasty shock. I was not new to death; my grandmother passed away in 1999 from cancer of the pancreas. I also was not new to widespread funerals, either; on the Pokémon Community they are honouring a member, Mandi Lili Cormier, who died in a car crash over a year ago, and even after that period of time you will see those words in many signatures on that forum. It seems that ever since I registered on PKMN.NET, tragedy has started to come forward. Not only was I banned for seven months, but now a pregnancy in my school, the death of a nearby student from leukaemia and now the resonance of the murder of someone I knew, have established my stay here as truly calamitous, across the board.

* One of the comments has resulted in a correction here; I had originally thought it to be domestic violence after a sketchy thought of newspaper articles on the subject, but it's really a murder case.


Anonymous said...

Crossy, this is very depressing...

Lyzi said...

I would like to give you a first hand knowledge about the memorial for nikki. That was part of a rap but origonally a poem that nikki really liked... she even wrote it on the inside of her diary in marker.(we were damn close, so close i know that.)

For me it was a way to release the feelings about my best friend being murdered. Also it gave me a chance to talk about her...So many people that we used to hang with in brig didn't know she had passed. Because nobody talked about it. I really don't want her memory to ever fade. I miss much.. it breaks me. If i had the chance i'd have so much to say to the person(s) who callously took her away. She was a good hearted person. She didn't deserve that. And yes, i might have chosen a destructive way of displaying it.(I have also paid my restitutions on that matter)

As far as i know the case is still open as a murder, not a domestic dispute. just to correct you.

To sum it up everone needs closure. i believe in the end everyone pays for the things they do... Whenever i feel weak just that thought alone gives me strength.