Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Troll in the dungeon


Some member named 'Concerned' thought it would be funny to barge into the site and wave some invisible documentation at us claiming that he had the copyright to 'Super Cheats'. He failed miserably. One, he would have just slapped Rich with a class-action suit. Two, he'd make available the documentation to anyone visiting the forum as per applicable laws.

This is one of the unfortunate trends going on at forums. We know that there are rules to which people must adhere if they want to stay. However, there are some people that deliberately break them for kicks, owing to their serious lack of judgement or grudge against some people. The method shown here was to cause hysteria, much as the Pokémon Community attempted. A person will barge right into a forum and start spreading a rumour that there was a hacking in progress or material had been stolen, or there could be an impression that an April Fools' joke would make (although it's not exactly valid due to the fact that the administrators are doing it). Then there are people who intend to start a war. Imperial Dragon did that by pinpointing Jeroen as the source of the SPP hatred as I had done long ago.

I may as well leave you with that as this idiot keeps saying 'lawsuit filed...' on the forums....

Update 12 April: Some person has now initiated an anti-Aeshma forum on ForumsVibe. It's evidently related to yesterday's copyright trolling.

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James O'Malley said...

The funny thing is that you attempted to do a similar "stunt" to PUK a while back!