Sunday, April 23, 2006

PC Rant

I'll flash back to September 2005. TPL is in tatters after the admins have decided that they were incompatible and no amount of work could keep TPL going on. My life is ruined on the outside, and I have yet a month to being unbanned from PKMN.NET. I have nowhere else to turn for solace, aside from the Avianos couple, who were persecuted for helping me. So I decided to run away once again and start over somewhere I could be loved as a person and my sins would not be shown. On 14 September 2005, I joined the Pokémon Community.

As soon as I registered there, I had a host of members coming up to greet me. This, I figured, were people that knew nothing of the TPL turmoil, and I could live safely in this dominion. It was here that I also found that all of the members, some veterans, some newbies, were all one large family with few conflicting issues. The first sign that I received of the community being so tightly knit was that several members had on their signature lists an ode or line dedicated to Mandi Lili Cormier, a member who had been killed in an automobile wreck. Even though I never knew the girl, I would cry when I saw this line anywhere. Even now, my eyes well up.

The evidence of its cohesion is also in the chit-chat threads. Although they boil down to random nonsense — essentially spam, which I usually frown upon — a lot of it enabled me to glimpse into what they were like when they didn't present themselves in a fashionable manner. They were all banterous. They had more fluency in their matter than any other place I had seen. And when the moderators came out for the job, they were very judicious in how justice was administered, although that could be inherent in that many of them are female.

Best of all, they knew nothing of my past at all. They were oblivious to TPL, but as I later learned it was also a victim of SPP's ills. It's unfortunate that it's so, it led me to believe that SPP was a centrist organisation that kept away from everyone else and thought themselves the best just because of their information end. And PKMN.NET was hardly mentioned at all on the Pokémon Community, whereas on SPP it was the butt of many jokes and hisses.

I'm glad to be part of the Community, which is about as neutral as you can get, aside from its expansive affiliation programme. This does not mean that I do not like PKMN.NET — I think it's time I gave a bit of credit to one of the sites I visit on the side.

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to derogate or "shame" you for taking a liking to that forum, however, I must warn you, as an ex-member, to not get too attached. Everybody - and I mean everybody - who was truly active at that forum has either become a staff member, or left/been banned.

This is because they often entrust their friends with powers and lash out at their enemies, without even realising it. I guess that would be a result of the forum being run by angsty teenagers.

Heck, even some of the now banned members (myself included) were once staff there. We were removed because we sought to make the forum truly neutral, and they didn't like it one bit.

PokéCommunity is one of the furthest things from neutral you'll find on the internet. I have no intention of intruding on your right to stay, but don't be surprised if you ever log in one day to be greeted by a lovely ban message.