Saturday, April 15, 2006

SPP Letterbomb

Below is the text of the letterbomb I sent to a super moderator on regarding the events in which a friend of mine that I will not name went on a spam rampage there on my order.

I have looked at the topics by ________ that you have closed, and in response I want to tell you a few things that you failed to realise about them.

Firstly, ________ is NOT the owner of Pokébeach. She is the owner of ________ (which can be found via her profile), which has aided me in a crusade that I carried out ages ago against PKMN.NET. This crusade resulted in the creation of the PokéLab, in which SPP member FlygonXS was part, having been banned from PKMN.NET for claiming content he posted on the forums were his works rather than copy-pastes from the PKMN.NET archives. She was also the one who helped me recover from this, helped destroy the PokéLab, and eventually helped me to become a valued member not just on PKMN.NET, but also on the Pokémon Community.

I myself was the one who sent her to create those topics, as well as spam up the IRC on the subject, although she had the idea first. I had become appalled by your acceptance of the pornography fan fiction on Shipping Fics and had heard before that this site had an ongoing rivalry against PKMN.NET (which was why I came here in April of last year, shortly after I was banned from PKMN.NET) and was determined to put an end to it. However, I was worried about my position on the matter and had to send a proxy to carry out my deed as well as resign myself to blogging my dislike for this site.

It is due to the fact that no action has been taken to control the anger against PKMN.NET, especially that funnelled by Imperial Dragon due to him being banned and then ruining his reprieve, that I have concluded that it was my mission to either neutralise the rivalry between the two sites or ruin one. I value my membership at both sites for different reasons, and the reasons for remaining here are, by your standards, heavily punishable. I do not hate this site; I hate the standard of moderation, which is the reason why Random resigned and fled to the Pokémon Community and the reason why I have to do something about this all. I also think it is appropriate, however, to give a full account of my actions here and clear up any misconceptions held against my friends, which is why I have been compelled to send this to you.

We do not ask for forgiveness; if this warrants a ban, so be it. We only want to be heard and considered, listened to and debated in a civil manner. You have not allotted us that opportunity before, so we ask that you kindly read this statement and forward this in discussion of the matter.

Yours respectfully,
William Gresham

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