Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Birthday James!

Today it would be idle to recognise the birthday of one of the most influential people in my life. Not a parent — rather, the owner of PKMN.NET himself, James O'Malley. He is nineteen today, a step up from coming of age.

A brash man of Leicestershire, he can speak in great spurts, as shown in his blog. Usually these large spurts of text are about how certain parties in the UK and US have been corrupted, his Peter Florida exploits, and his knack for taking on the quiz machines at the local pub. Most notable of all, of course, is the audacity he has to ask every member of Parliament whether they liked Pepsi or Coke, and also to bluntly ask for money to power the blog.

Best of all is his flagship site, PKMN.NET. Ut's a haven for liberals, as well as those that have come a long way to seek information on the Pokémon games detailed therein. It's comedy value and an informative source, straight from the brain of a university student.

Enough of the fluff. Boiling it down to the main point of the day, happy birthday, James!

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