Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One blog bites the dust

Ama announced that the blog section of her site would be commuted to Xanga, doing so in the form of a final rant satirising Mike and me.
A note to those who read and liked the rants and anyone else who's gonna bother reading this,

Thanks to certain somebody(ies), we will not feature the rants section anymore since I can't tolerate stupid...><><>< stuff from happening. And I swear if I get complaints about my rants and raves on xanga, I'll start drawing graphic fanarts about said person's death and posting it at dA, which I am allowed to do with a warning for graphic material. In fact, I'll probably do that anyway for this...>< stuff, and post it in the IRL section or something. It won't be so graphic, or anything, but you'll get the point. Who knows...maybe I'll change this page into a page for Demons of Metropolis, another NC17 fic...ooooo, what a kick in the ass that'll be. Oh noes!! I said ass! I'm a bad person because I'm expressing myself in a way I'm comfortable with! No way! Who ever heard of freedom of speech? I mean really...if you get to say whatever you want on your blog, why can't I? It's the internet and this isn't the forum. Separate it, please. Hey, Umi, DWR, Jo, Chelc, SM, Orion, Swifty, Kiori, and Alopec...thank you for CS GGG. I guess without you, there'd be plenty more to complain about here besides these...><>someone's bound to come across it and rant about what I said at their own blog. But if i never see it, I guess I couldn't care and even if I did see it, I'm sure i would have run into a warning or two, in which case I won't bring it to their attention that I'm a hypocrite and don't like what they said and rant some more about what they said about what I said. It's a never ending cycle...and why are you reading this? This is perhaps the longest rant I've ever had without outside help and curse words, which I'd love to use, but seeing as you'd be a complete...><><><>< *it rhymes with itch* about, and if you do, you cause people a lot of trouble. Perhaps if you "itched" out of large public, like I did (as you did too, at first), then we would not have this problem. Personally, still, I don't really care about how negatively you feel about what I said, nor do you probably care about how incredibly angry I am at you for making this a larger deal than it had to be. Still, one has to wonder, why? I have to say, after I had "itched" about what you said, I never took another trip to your blog again...yet, like a child, you kept on coming back for more fight when evidently you were wrong. And you still are wrong about every point you made, which I'm not going to go into detail AGAIN because I'm sick and tired of it. I won't change what I said, because I can't change the past. You already know what it said, so why should I even bother? I know you were wrong about what you said, and I had a lot of right to voice my opinion the way I wanted to do it just as you had. I'll just be on my merry way about now, possibly not because I'll probably think of something else to say, and just say that I hope that this is finally over, because, as I've said, I'm sick and tired of it. There's no point to continuing...you probably got what you wanted and had me get so annoyed that I completely deleted the whole page I enjoyed very much. ...><...I had something to say, but use your imagination. I have to say that you really haven't fixed your problem, you only moved it. As a mod, I get stressed out, and I need a place to vent it in writing, yes, online. It's not on the forums, so quit "itching" and let me be with whatever fantasy land you think I live in. Whatever...keep to yourself I'll keep to myself. If you have anymore problem, please...hesitate to contact me about it.


Anthony Jake La said...

Just means a loss of one of the silly bloggers in the world, eh?

Lucy said...

Whoa...you didn't deserved that. You just telling how you feel about the situation. It isn't your fault. Sometimes you got to tell what you feel.