Monday, June 26, 2006

Well into summer

Right, I've pretty much sensed that I have to update this to keep up with James' impressive record of blogging and the usual LiveJournal records set by others as well as find a crafty way to get the ads to pay (James had his Google AdSense account banned since he used methods to steer others to the ads — 'Please keep clicking every six hours', folks?) I've vowed to make posts more regular. Hopefully I'll be able to post enough to close the nagging five-day gap that usually separates the old post and the next exciting one.

What I regret not reporting on is my experience thus far with Windows Live Messenger with Messenger Plus! Live. I must admit that after four months of having to live without it I eventually got used to having long Messenger queues and restrictions on the length of messages. Thankfully, all that has been brought back, and I've finally been able to figure out how to create coloured names using the software. Even before then, though, those that had the time to notice would have seen Dark Mightyena and me staging a status bar and signature war — probably enough to admit that in the midst of having a pair on the Community as a publicity stunt (after I knocked it before) there was a mistress.

The online side of things aside, it's time to examine what's going on in the real world. Although summer has officially arrived, the new pattern that my workplace has been sticking me to has decided to scrap the tradition of hiring me at night, instead giving me morning shifts — this ensures that I don't have to painfully switch from the regime of getting up early and submitting to SuperCheats before going to school to sleeping late with little hours and back again two months later. Over the past three days, I've been given a challenge that everyone else has passed up: train two cashiers at once. A set of twins had been shunted from the deli department and were instead assigned to the front for reasons unknown, and from that point I had had to keep them from going insane enough to fistfight each other by strictly regulating who gets to work the register and who gets to pack (their mother would much rather prefer that they bag, as I had met her today). Today, though, a series of confusions and discrepancies in the computer had led to me running back and forth, exchaging items as I went along, and having to reteach how to handle WIC checks and most produce codes.

Seeing as work pretty much follows the pattern of school now, I'm left with almost nothing until I get home, which is going to an arcade that opened recently (the previous one at the end of the island was foreclosed due to the owner's involvement with a shooting and drugs gang). Yesterday I had been able to meet the old crowd from the northern end of the island as well as a girl that Mike had pushed in to request a map of the place (I'm known for drawing road maps). Today, though, I was tortured there by a girl that appears at the store occasionally with a family that usually buys $300 or thereabout of groceries.

...Well, that was an attempt to liven up the day. Seeing as I'm in a routine that'll be monotonous from now until 18 July, when I head up to Rhode Island for the next youth summit, I guess we all will have to live with the five-day gaps. Or will we?

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