Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Messenger Plus! 4: Part 2

Further to the assertion that the Messenger Plus! add-on for Windows Live Messenger will be released in June, we can expect something great on Saturday.

They did it! Microsoft finally released Windows Live Messenger publicly today. After the longest period of public testing for a MSN Messenger client, Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger 8) is going to be a pleasant surprise for old time Messenger users. The interface of this new version has been completely redesigned, it's more simple, cleaner, and yet more powerful than anything else MSN has released so far. You'll have to get used to talk about Windows Live though and not MSN (although I suspect most of us will keep on calling the client "MSN" for a long time).

Because of the new direction taken by Microsoft, Messenger Plus! was also completely redesigned. It took 8 months of full time work but your favorite add-on is now ready to go public as well. The new version of Messenger Plus! (4.00), distributed under the name "Messenger Plus! Live", will be officially released this Saturday, June 24th, at 23:40 GMT. The new web site will also be put online at the same time, and a last post on this site will be made to start the transition period. These are exciting days for anybody interested in Microsoft's Messenger clients and its surrounding communities, make sure you don't miss any associated event!

See you soon at :).
So there you have it. When the add-on is finally released, it'll be on a new site, Messenger Plus! Live.


Chaotic Houndoom said...

Yeah, I don't have that, and I just stick with the regular messenger. Blah, I wonder if it'll be the new thing or something for everyone else?

Watch me end up getting it. ;.;


Lucy said...

Hi, well...I really like the new Windows Messager Live. Also Messager Plus! 4. They are totally awesome! I am glad Microsoft did this. I know you really like it too. ^^

Lucy from PC