Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fill in the blanks: Part 1

Nope, no blanks on my Network+ exam.

Rather, it was a PKMN.NET administrator that summed up two moderators on that had views that clashed with his and mine, one of which I previously covered.

A few weeks ago I witnessed a moderator (from which forums I won't say) tell somebody I know to "go and kill themselves," purely because of a difference in agreement. She later claimed it was justified since she said it "in a rant". Well for christs sake woman, what difference does it matter in what context in was used? Telling someone to kill themselves because you can't handle a difference in opinion to that that you hold is just downright immature. I believe anybody who is a moderator on forums should set an example in maturity - of course I only have a say in that on PKMN.NET, but that's my opinion, and given a chance to moderate at PKMN.NET, this person wouldn't last a week. I'm assuming she was made a moderator for a very worthwhile reason, but aside from drawing skills, I'm astonished as to what that might be. Do public relations skills count for nothing anywhere else?

Remember? Ama — the moderator Encyclopika — retaliated at my rant against Treehouse Saga, a May and Drew orgy. The rant was followed by a clash on her guestbook (which she later commuted to a Xanga page) in which I informed her that many on my side were disgusted with her story — albeit conservative when paired with Cybercubed's — but she presented comments from SPP members, none of which were members elsewhere from what I could tell, in an attempt to counter me. She then proceeded to counter Mike, who himself started the fight on the guestbook.

A year ago, a different moderator - actually from the same forum as the previously mentioned one - started complaining on PKMN.NET because I had locked one of her topics for breaking the rules - the three word rule, which states that all posts must have more than three words, or unless they are considered VERY important to the topic in question, will result in removal of the post in question. Also in the relevant board, the Sprite Fan Art board, it was stated that due to consistant breakage of the rules, failure to follow them may result in locked topics and disabled posting rights.The moderator in question was not particularly happy at having her topic locked, and set about asking why we had the three word rule. We justified it, but she still didn't agree to it's inclusion. A difference of opinion is fine, of course, but in order to register at PKMN.NET you tick a box saying you agree to follow the rules we set, thus everybody must follow it whether they like it or not. She didn't like this one bit, and thus got help from some other moderators from the forums she works at in arguing against us - admittedly I lost my temper at the way they could not grasp the simple concept that broken rules = locked topics and started resorting to immature insults. The fact remains though that I can look back and see I was wrong to do that - this moderator seems completely oblivious to different viewpoints, and after I (rightly, in my opinion) claimed she couldn't stand to have anything in any way but her own, her departing message was "I didn't want things my own way. I just wanted them to make sense."

This was the case of Dragonfree, whom I dealt with via PM on following the incident. She had a dispute with the administration after she was expelled from Sprite fan Art for posting offences. Now, because I didn't want to get into a severe tangle with SPP when the offence occurred, and I was fresh out of TPL and didn't want to be seen in the situation, I did not record this on the blog. Unlike many of the moderators at SPP, however, she's generally disagreed with much of the policy when it comes to criticising other sites, as she is a devoted member of the Pokémon Community and has her own site, and from conversations she scorned both sex fics but maintained nonetheless, correctly as I must admit as it goes for even my blog, that cannot take direct responsibility for the offense of viewers as long as it does not openly condone posting such fics (which is the case at her site).

Update: Dragonfree, Mike, and I had talks following the publication of this article and have settled upon an apology.

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