Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The ides of March

29 March is not my day. Today I had attempted to run away from home following a spat with my stepmother over my declining physics grade (although I've completed 18 more extra-credit problems to fill some of the void), but only got as far as my workplace before I realised that I was doing something stupid. It was now, after speaking with a PPN official, that I realised that today was not a day in which you'd find me very happy.

Exactly one year ago, my account was deleted from PKMN.NET's database. As many of you readers know, I was involved in the PokéLab, which I joined merely 28 days before the ban and thus was obligated to help fight PKMN.NET. By 29 March it had become clear that I was condoning the theft of content that TPL was practicing, and I was acting out, just trying to find something that I could put on a résumé. As you also know, the site fell apart in October and I was readmitted to PKMN.NET following a public apology. Since the I've had a clean record.

While I don't have any other records on the day in previous years, I was anticipating today to be a bad one, and from now on I'm looking forward to making sure that 29 March 2007 isn't as severe.

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