Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 3 of Testing

I realised only today that it wasn't another picture prompt that we were doing. This time we had two story analyses (this time editorials) and a persuasive writing task that was suppsed to be an evaluation of some student's claim that caring for his siblings was community service. Again, I had to rebuke this claim for a few solid reasons:
Firstly, he did not volunteer to do it. His parents delegated that task to him instead. . . .The objective of the volunteer credit programme is to encourage students to willingly donate their time to the direct benefit of the community. It does not call for students to just bow to the judgement of a superior.

As can be seen, I had to italicise a lot of words in the required essays to show my fury at the situations. At least I managed to get in a healthy amount of writing that I hope should please the reviewers in Trenton.

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