Thursday, March 02, 2006

TPL revival authorised

Yesterday a member that phished with Actionshark's email had sent an email to me concerning a revival of TPL. At first I dismissed it as froth, but looking at the cBox transcript below it seems to be in reality a completely different scenario.

AS: i think he should take this domain name, its a lot better than invisionfree
2 Mar 06, 03:03 PM
epyon: strider, if u need any help on learning how to build your own site (or if u wont to take over just let me know and ill tell u how, but you'll need access to a paypal account
1 Mar 06, 06:54 PM
Strider: It's not dying. I just haven't invited members yet...
1 Mar 06, 04:48 PM
TUH: i dont think u understood what i meant when i said "dont let it die". i mean if u must make it alive again as a roting zombie, if it dies, try to let it die with some dignity.
1 Mar 06, 04:47 PM
TUH: o no, im not getting into this **** again, im not joining
28 Feb 06, 12:31 AM
Strider: Well, can you just join? Just in case.
27 Feb 06, 04:18 PM
TUH: not to make it die again. i think its tried to die.. what... 4 times now? 5? well several times anyway. anyway peace.
27 Feb 06, 04:16 PM
TUH: yeah, me and epyon are out, and im pretty sure all of us admins wish of its death by nuke. yeah dont try to get red socks fan, he hasnt been on in months. anyway yeah try...
26 Feb 06, 09:10 PM
Strider: I ended up adding some new things.
26 Feb 06, 06:46 PM
anonymous: yeah you will...
26 Feb 06, 09:20 AM
Strider: Thanks!! I won't get it a bad name!!
25 Feb 06, 11:30 PM
epyon: haha true dat and TUH and your masta epyon are not going to be apart of TPL any more we wish of its death to be near but if the ppl wont it alive then so be it
25 Feb 06, 11:27 PM
anonymous: sorry, got some typos. dont want to upset your gayness: nobody, making.
25 Feb 06, 11:25 PM
epyon: ehh wtvr its kool with me i guess just dont give us a bad name if u go with it, and Strider if u need images just contact me my e-mail is _____________
25 Feb 06, 11:24 PM
anonymous: that is plain and simple copyright enfringement. well i hope knowone catches u loving tpl like a swedish hoar and lmaking an illegal sucky version of it.
25 Feb 06, 03:08 PM
Strider: My name is Rukario there.
25 Feb 06, 03:07 PM
25 Feb 06, 03:07 PM
Strider: I made it. All it needs is some work. PLease I will need help making te banner. It can live once more.
25 Feb 06, 01:36 PM
Strider: We can build a new site with the same name. There is nohing wrong with that now is there?
24 Feb 06, 08:18 PM
AS: this is TPL and its copyright
21 Feb 06, 09:24 PM
Flane: I'll go with it.
17 Feb 06, 07:36 PM
Strider: I want to build a new tpl. Whose with me??
13 Feb 06, 01:58 PM
bleep: wow this thing is still active o.O

As people that read up on the TPL investigations (in December) know, the site was hacked in order to disrupt its growth. However, Epyon is currently trying, as can be seen here, to start another version of the site, evidently in the hopes of resuming the disarray that made the old site famous. The messages tell us that a hacker, Strider, has taken the name Rukario that appears on the new site. It also shocks us by revealing that The Ultimate Hacker, albeit the site's original founder, is adamant about staying way from the new project.

Again, this message is to assure people that are reading that I am not taking action alongside them; in fact, I'm planning to crash their party very soon.

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Articuno said...

I want to crash the party too! =D nah just kidding, we've done enough to them already after they tried screwing around with us. Let them continue, it will be very sad but they have a right to if they're not going to hurt anyone anymore.