Sunday, March 12, 2006

Eulogy to Milošević

Today the fellowship of corrupt world leaders commemorates the loss of one of our finest men, a man that was determined to bring back together the pieces of a lost glory that thrived before Gorbachev sent this world into total darkness. He visualised a place in which there would exist only one people, one idea, and one race. He was the man who would do anything to ensure that his goals were met and that he would live to see them accomplished at his hand, in spite of the porocess causing the dreadful massacre of thousands of poor souls who sought refuge from their own dilemmas in Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria. At the same time, he would go out with his family, as a family man should do, and perform the actions that had these side effects. With his beloved wife Marija beside him, and the influence of his children spurring him forward, he would oversee one of the most tactical but ill-starred campaigns that the world has ever seen. Today we honour a man that was dear to the hearts of those that supported chaos and anarchy that would yield power and revenue for them.

We honour Slobodan Miloševi
ć, who died at the hands of the World Court this Friday past. May you forever rest in pieces, as may your dream of a country.

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