Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Will they stop?

Some member called 'jack white' has sent an email using a phished version of Actionshark's email concerning a possible revamp of The PokéLab.
The Pokelab is alive once again. It is legal and we
will have a change in staff(since the old tpl staff
doesn't want to join). Go to the site and meet your
friends once again. For those who never knew anything
about the Pokelab, it is a very good site that was
shut down. Now someone is starting it up again. All we
need is for the site to get started. Please join this
site and help us get started. The Pokelab will lilve
once more!!

The email came exactly a year after Epyon started gathering people to join the original TPL in the first place and was also sent to people such as Raven the Hero, Dracon, and Iceduck, all of whom are embers of PKMN.NET (Iceduck, or Steffan, is an administrator).

This post is to assure people that are receiving such emails to ignore them. We as the original administrators of TPL (that not including the administrator Rukario) are not planning to continue operations under the guise anymore; this was decreed more than five months ago and stands permanently pursuant to the covenant.

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