Thursday, March 02, 2006

Karma again

Ever since PKMN.NET implemented karma back in January, the new wave of complaints had swamped signature queries and threats to the Name Rater — negative karma and the gap between the people that solicited Forum Games and the administrators as far as the figures went. So, in an olive-branch bid, everyone's karma has been reset and now people that have the power to do so can only applaud people.

It amazes me that I hadn't thought of restricting the controls to just applaud people. However, when it comes down to it, it'll only soften the complaining. Now that the option to reduce karma has been revoked, people are going to see 0 as the brink of doom now. When negative figures were possible, zero was nirvana (no pun intended); now it'll be an outlet for complaining about why it hasn't been raised and, if it has, why it's only done so sporadically.

I may be overreacting to this, I'm sure. Eliminating negative figures will definitely reduce the complaining in spite of the drastic figure shift incurred. It also brings to a close the chapter that cost us respected member Invader Zim and etched scars of inequality in PKMN.NET. I'm slightly elated, I have to admit, but there is still idle to deny that people are going to see a negative end of this. And of course, the administrators, being interdependent as they are, can only expect more karma for themselves — deservedly so!

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